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Founder, President and CEO

I have over 25 years of telecommunication communication product development experience, including a track record of successful technology startups. Throughout, I have always been passionate about sharing  technology know-how and translating it to help organizations and nonprofits engage more closely with their constituents and various audiences.

I founded Close Reach Communications in 2004 (pre Android and iPhones) when I saw that the ubiquitous cell phone was poised to quickly evolve into a universal communication tool.

We started of by developing  innovative software solutions that used cell phone text messages, coupled with online and cell phone based financial applications to engage customers in the real estate and home loan industries.  From those humble beginnings we grew our knowledge and expertise with:


Grouped, cloudbased interactive messaging systems
2way interactive messaging, dynamic groups,mobile survey inteligence


Mobile and mobile enabled Web Applications
Android,Blackberry,J2ME,iPhone,MobileHTML plus
Distributed Intelligent/Interactive Server based solutions


Security Services
TLS/SSL mobile services, 2 Factor Authentication systems


Location Tagging / Tracking using QR-Codes, SMS and NFC technologies
Interactive tracking systems and service verification 

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Technology start - ups

Prior to founding Close Reach Communications, I played core roles in the founding and development of several technology start-up ventures. At Celite Systems, I served as Vice President of Software Engineering during its initial formation.  I established the software engineering group, oversaw the product architecture and drove development through to product delivery and multiple feature releases.

As Co-Founder, Vice President of Engineering and Chief Technology Officer of GenBand Inc. (General Bandwidth Inc.), I established the engineering organization, originated the fundamental product architecture and drove the technical direction for the organization. He also was involved in the formation and funding of the company, as well as overseeing its major growth from four to more than 300 employees. The company continues today as a major VOIP equipment supplier. having acquired the VOIP division of Nortel.

NetSpeed Inc., was a technology start-up specializing in DSL that was acquired by Cisco Inc. . As one of three product architects for the telecommunications DSL switch (called a DSL Access Multiplexer or DSLAM),  I was specifically responsible for the overall software architecture.I was charged with originating the software engineering group and putting together the software development environment, locating and hiring the development team and driving the product development execution through to delivery. and eventual acquisition.

Additional highlights of my career include six years at Siemens Communications as a senior systems engineer; and two years at DSC Communications where I developed Telecommunications Carrier Class Core ATM switch architectures.

I also currently hold eleven U.S. technology patents.

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